Achieving through fun activities

Our Aims

Our aim is to allow the children to have as many experiences as possible in order that they become confident and independent learners.

Everything we aim for is achieved through play and fun activities and not through formal learning i.e. there is no point in forcing a child to write their name when perhaps they have not got the strength to hold a pencil correctly. We are able to give them the opportunity to strengthen their hands through play i.e. playing with play dough.

It is up to us to provide the right resources for the children to develop in all seven areas.

These areas are:

1) Personal, Social and Emotional Development
2) Physical Development
3) Communication, Language
4) Literacy
5) Understanding the World
6) Mathematics
7) Expressive Art and Design

Through well planned play the children will learn while having fun and experiencing new challenges. In play they can be loud, physical and boisterous. They can be expressive whist exploring the world around them or be quiet, listening and reflecting as they play.

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